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Identity theft is charged against Hastings man

Hastings Police have charged Michael David Swanson, 43, Hastings, with one count of felony identity theft for allegedly stealing a credit card and using it as his own at different businesses in Hastings.

According to the criminal complaint, a Hastings woman contacted police in January and reported that she and her husband had accidentally left their credit card at a restaurant in Hastings. Subsequently, she noticed unauthorized charges on the billing statement. A week later, Prairie Island Police told Hastings Police that they had arrested Swanson, who had the woman's credit card in his possession.

The woman provided a list of 25 unauthorized charges on the credit card totaling more than $1,300. Most occurred in Hastings.

Police interviewed Swanson March 17. He admitted to using the credit card at different locations throughout Hastings on at least 19 occasions. The officer obtained surveillance from at least three different locations for nine of the transactions. The surveillance video showed Swanson using the credit card.