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Hastings Police turn over e-mails relating to officer's corkscrew theft

Emails between the Hastings Police Department and the Eagan Police Department regarding the Rene Doffing corkscrew theft case have been turned over to Doffing's lawyer.

The Hastings Police Department had until Friday, Aug. 5, to assemble and deliver the emails to Doffing's lawyer, Paul Engh. The department met that deadline, and Engh is planning to begin reviewing them soon.

There is no date set yet for Doffing's next court appearance. Doffing is a patrol officer at the Hastings Police Department. He has been on paid administrative assignment since January, meaning he is working for the department but is no longer on patrol.

Last November, Doffing was accused to stealing a corkscrew from a restaurant in Hastings. When confronted about the theft while he was still in the restaurant, Doffing handed the corkscrew over to the restaurant manager.

Hastings Police turned the matter over to the Eagan Police Department to avoid any conflict of interest. Doffing was later charged with theft. He would ultimately lose his job with the department if he is convicted of theft.