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Doffing's lawyer: 'This isn't even a criminal offense'

Hastings Police Officer Rene Doffing, who has been charged with misdemeanor theft, has retained Paul Engh as his attorney.

Engh issued a statement for Doffing on Tuesday.

"In an era of scarce resources, Officer Doffing has been charged with permanently taking an object that cost nothing and never left the restaurant," Engh said. "This isn't even a criminal offense, it's trivial.

"Moreover, the Eagan Police Department investigation was one-sided, hence unfair. Officer Doffing was not allowed to give a statement of his absolute innocence, nor was he permitted to disclose at the same time additional evidence that exonerates him.

"Officer Doffing's interview was scheduled for Monday. Rather than hearing him out, charges were filed on Friday.

"Officer Doffing is looking forward to speaking with the jurors who will listen to what the Eagan Police Department refused to."