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Car chase suspect charged with four felonies

Roman Urevich Tokarev, 27, the man involved in a police chase Dec. 2 in Hastings, has now been charged.

In charges filed Wednesday morning by the Dakota County Attorney, Tokarev has been charged with four felonies - two counts of assault in the second degree by means of a motor vehicle, one count of fleeing a peace officer by means of a motor vehicle, and one count of theft of a motor vehicle (temporary control).

Tokarev is currently incarcerated at the Oak Park Heights Correctional Facility and has had his release status revoked by the Minnesota Department of Corrections.

At the time of the incident in Hastings, Tokarev had been on an intensive supervised release program through the Minnesota Department of Corrections since his release from prison in May 2009 for a 2005 aggravated robbery conviction in Hennepin County. The release program provides supervision to high-risk offenders as they transition back into the community from prison.

At a hearing held Dec. 22 at the Oak Park Heights prison, his release status was revoked. His sentence from the 2005 robbery conviction expires June 5, 2011, and he's currently scheduled to go back on a release program Dec. 2, 2010, for that incident.

On Dec. 2, Tokarev allegedly stole a truck from the Elk River, Minn., home of his sister and brother-in-law. He left a suicide note at their home, which included statements such as, "I'm on a suicide mission," and "I'm going all the way out once they pull me over. I'm going to shoot them until I run out of bullets," according to the complaint.

Upon the report of the vehicle theft, a felony warrant was issued for Tokarev's arrest. A Dakota County Sheriff's deputy spotted the vehicle near Highway 316 and Vermillion Street in Hastings, and a police chase ensued when Tokarev refused to stop.

When officers tried stopping the truck near Vermillion and 12th streets, Tokarev allegedly used the truck to ram the law enforcement vehicles. The impact of the collision moved the vehicles several feet; the force caused the rear vehicle to move backward and strike an officer standing by the driver's door.

That officer observed the driver of the truck raise what the officer believed was a firearm and begin to lower it in the direction of the officers. The officer then began firing his service firearm at the driver. According to the complaint, Hastings officers continued to fire shots at the back of the truck in an attempt to stop it.

The chase continued through residential areas of Hastings, and Tokarev was eastbound on West Fourth Street approaching Vermillion Street when officers again boxed in the stolen truck with their squad cars.

Tokarev tried again to ram the squad cars, push them out of his way to escape, and that's when officers shot at him a second time.

Officers didn't know if he'd been shot and gave him an order to step out of the vehicle. When he didn't respond, law enforcement officers approached the vehicle and found he'd been shot.

During a search of the truck, officers recovered a pellet gun, which resembled a .45 caliber handgun.