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Short-barreled shotgun, possible assault, result in charges

Hastings police have charged Nicholas Peter Karpen, 24, Hastings, with one count of possession of a short-barreled shotgun, one count of domestic assault, and one count of assault in the fifth degree.

The charges were filed after police were called July 7 to a Hastings residence on the report of a possible domestic assault in progress.

When police arrived at the scene, a woman told police she and Nicholas Peter Karpen were at the residence when Karpen asked for the keys to her truck. She refused and Karpen apparently hit her before he left the residence. She followed him outside and screamed at him to stop. When Karpen came back into the residence, he kicked her in the head several times before he ran away, she said.

Police also interviewed another individual at the residence who said she observed Karpen hit the woman. She said Karpen hit her (the second victim) when she confronted him.

When police went to another residence to check on Karpen, they found his truck. When they looked inside the truck, they observed an uncased shotgun in the back seat. It appeared to have the barrel sawed off. The firearm was seized and measured. The barrel of the gun was under the legal length of 18 inches.

Karpen was located three days later and denied assaulting anyone. He claimed one of the residents had waved a knife at him. He said the gun was his, given to him as a gift. He thought the length of the barrel was legal.