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Hastings Police officer assaulted; charges filed

An 18-year-old Hastings man faces two charges of fourth-degree assault following an incident Nov. 21 in Hastings. During the incident, a Hastings Police officer was assaulted while at a residence.

According to the criminal complaint filed in the Dakota County Attorney's office, police were called to the residence on the report of an injured individual. When officers arrived at the residence, Benjamin Simon Chapman would not let them assist him and told them not to get near him. While waiting for the ambulance, Chapman began yelling and attempted to get up from a couch. He stood up and punched the officer on the right side of his chest. The officer suffered physical discomfort for several minutes. Chapman was placed in handcuffs and eventually transported to the hospital.

At the hospital, Chapman became increasingly agitated and began yelling. He kicked some of the medical equipment near his bed. While in the emergency room, Chapman spit on the floor in the general direction of hospital staff.

After Chapman was transported from the hospital to the Dakota County Jail, he told the officer he had previously assaulted that he was going to hit him again.