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Inmate charged with assault

A Dakota County inmate has been charged with assault in the third degree following a Sept. 19 incident in one of the housing units in the Dakota County Jail in Hastings.

According to the complaint, another inmate was repeatedly punched in the face and head by Carlos Robles, 26.

Correctional deputies witnessed part of the assault. One of the deputies grabbed the victim to get him away from Robles. Robles was ordered to get on the floor where he was subsequently handcuffed and secured.

The victim was taken by ambulance to Regina Medical Center in Hastings where it was determined he had sustained multiple facial fractures. Due to the extent of the fractures, he was transported to Regions Hospital in St. Paul for treatment.

When he returned to the jail, the victim gave a statement. He said he and several other inmates were watching television when Robles wanted to change the channel. Robles was told the channel would not be changed, and a small argument began. Robles walked away as the evening meal was delivered. The victim took his meal and went back to the chair he had been sitting in.

Robles apparently came up to the victim, had words with him, spit on him, and then struck him in the head with a closed fist.

The incident was recorded by security video in the jail.