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Charges filed after burglar leaves cell phone in home

An 18-year-old Hastings man faces a charge of burglary in the first degree in connection with a burglary Sept. 25 in Hastings.

Officers were called to a Hastings residence where a burglary was reportedly in progress. According to the criminal complaint, officers were dispatched to the residence when the homeowner heard noses coming from the upstairs area of the home.

He confronted an individual, later identified as Jordan Everest Waleski. Waleski dropped the items he was carrying and fled the residence. The homeowner followed the individual for a short period, but then returned to the house to call 911.

When police were talking to the homeowner, a cell phone began to ring near the Wii gaming system. The homeowner said the phone did not belong to anyone in the house. After determining ownership of the phone, investigators initiated contact with Waleski.

Waleski initially denied being involved in the burglary, but eventually admitted his part in it.

The homeowner was presented with a photo lineup and picked out Waleski as the person who was in his home.