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Former Hampton mayor must report to jail

A Dakota County judge's order means former Hampton Mayor Tim Skog must report to the Dakota County jail soon.

On Monday, July 27, Judge Thomas Poch ordered Skog to begin serving a 60-day sentence on or before 7 p.m. Aug 10 for a driving-while-intoxicated (DWI) conviction.

The sentence allows Skog to be released for work and/or Alcoholics Anonymous programs. If he chooses, Skog is also eligible for the Sentence to Serve program. As part of the order, Skog was given credit for three days he has served in jail.

Skog was convicted last fall in connection with a DWI incident July 1, 2007, in the city of Hampton.

Poch, in his July 27 order, stated the conditions of the original sentencing order (from February 2009) remain in effect - four years probation and 365 days in jail. That jail term was stayed for four years, meaning Skog won't have to serve it if he remains law abiding during that time period. He paid fine and fees of $389.