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Kwik Trip plans store at 17th and Vermillion streets

Kwik Trip has a proposal for a convenience store at the corner of 17th and Vermillion streets, pictured here. Star Gazette photo by Katrina Styx

It’s been about three years since Kwik Trip proposed its first Hastings convenience store location. Now they’re back with a new site in mind.

The new proposal is to situate the gas and convenience store on the northwest corner of 17th and Vermillion streets. Kwik Trip CFO Scott Teigen said that Kwik Trip has conditional purchase agreements in place with the existing properties there. The sales won’t close, however, unless Kwik Trip obtains all the necessary approvals to start building.

On July 30, a neighborhood meeting was held to show the site neighbors the concept for the new store and allow them to comment. City staff reported that about 10 to 15 people attended.

Overall, the meeting seemed to have gone well, Teigen said. There were some concerns raised by residents, and Kwik Trip is now working to adjust its plans to address those concerns.

Kwik Trip’s persistence in getting a location in Hastings is largely because of its customers.

“Customers are always asking for a store in Hastings,” Teigen said.

He said that his company gets many customer comment cards asking for a Hastings Kwik Trip.

When it came to choosing a location, being on Highway 61 was the top priority. The corner at 17th Street was the best available site along the highway, Teigen said.

A formal site plan is expected to be presented to the Hastings Planning Commission on Sept. 8. Once reviewed by the commission, the site plan would have to also go before the City Council for final approval.