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Future of Hastings Country Club is uncertain

The future of the Hastings Country Club is uncertain following a drop in membership last fall and fewer new members this spring. Star Gazette photo by Chad Richardson

The future of the Hastings Country Club is up in the air.

A number of factors have hurt the club in the past year, according to Jim Reissner, who is the chairman of the club’s executive steering committee.

“We had a larger than expected drop in membership at the end of last season, a colder and inhospitable winter causing clubhouse revenues to drop and lower than expected new memberships this spring,” Reissner said. “These developments have raised the question of sustainability and we continue to look for solutions. Closing or selling the club are options being considered, along with others.”

Reissner said that no decisions have been made regarding the club.

“We have sent a survey to members to ascertain their opinions,” he said. “The surveys are just coming back. We will review the results with the members to determine where to go from here. The only decision made to date was to survey the members for their opinions.”

The club opened in 1947. It moved to its current location, about 200 acres in size, in 1960.

In 2001, the old clubhouse was demolished and a new one was built. The new clubhouse opened in 2003.

The golf business took a significant hit with the economic downturn later in the 2000s, and the club has undergone a number of changes since that downturn.