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Winning essays in Father’s Day contest printed

The Hastings Star Gazette and in Minneapolis and St. Paul teamed up for a Father’s Day contest this year.

Those interested were asked to write essays about why their father is the best one in the world.

The winning entry receives a deluxe homebrew starter kit from Northern Brewer (a $149.99 value). The second-place entry receives a one-gallon starter kit from Northern Brewer (a $49.99 value).

Winning entry

Here is the winning entry, written by Craig Vieth.

His father’s name is Philip Vieth.

Here is his essay: 

“My fearless Dad has had quite a life of delights. As 300 is the limit, brevity I will exhibit.  He started as Marine who turned into lean mean green jean wearing machine. Early on he loved to explore and spend time in the outdoor.  As young kids he nearly always brought us along and taught us lessons lifelong.  He showed us how to be courageous amidst danger, to save in a drought, to work hard during hardship and work out of a bout.  On many occasion we enjoyed things we liked as we hiked, biked, threw a few strikes, caught a good many a pike and toured a few sites that increased my dislike of the third Reich. We’ve canoed, enjoyed many a brew and disliked the Sioux in support of the Bison of NDSU. He taught me to sail, stay out of the hail, bailed a few of us out of jail, removed a few fish scales and helped us learn to differentiate lager from ale. 

“We have seen much of the planet, from the Teton’s granite to Turkey’s pomegranate. From the Galapagos turtles to the transatlantic hurtle, the tails of pacific whales to the Arabian gales, my Dad has shared many adventures with all of us. Thankfully he no longer has to keep fixing his variation of a bus. From us kids to his grand’s, he enjoys life fly fishing while next trip wishing.  We all look forward to spending time with Dad, we love him dearly and cherish the times we have had. The ultimate cherry top maker would be the beer maker for his stylish acre. Here is a toast to our next trip from beginning to end. May the tales always endure from the life you have given, your lessons of pure love always driven.”


Second place

The second-place entry was written by Laura Haas about her father Steve Haas.

Here is her essay:

“My dad definitely needs a new hobby and is deserving of the best father in the world award. Since 1980 he has been busy remodeling his home, raising a family, working full time and doing side jobs for extra income. When I was a child I could rollerskate down the living room floor, the house was in tough shape. He is currently working on the newest addition of the home, a kitchen, bath and laundry area. He has done 90 percent of the work himself with the help of friends and family.  This is the final leg of what is a completely remodeled home. It has been featured in the ‘Who lives there’ feature of your newspaper.

“He is the hardest working person I know and has never turned down the chance to help others with their projects. He is a ‘go to’ guy if you need custom beautiful woodwork done. He has built headboards, cabinets, treasure chests, hand carved an eagle, gun racks and numerous other items.

“He inspires me to work hard and has given me the work ethic most young people struggle with today. He has taught me so much about life, hard work and home improvements. He is looking forward to retiring within the next few years and a new hobby would be wonderful and perhaps slow him down.

“Happy father’s day to Steve Haas.”