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Flair Studio opens for business

Renee Anderson of Hastings has it both ways. She has a passion for ministry and photography, and works in both fields.

Since last fall, she has been the part-time youth minister at St. Philip's Lutheran Church. Now, she has opened her own photography business, Flair Studio, specializing in weddings and portraits.

When she was in high school in Cannon Falls, Anderson enjoyed the arts - drawing, painting and sculpting.

"I was tossing it up whether I was going to school for four years for ministry or arts," she said. She did earn the degree in youth ministry, but also completed coursework by correspondence at the New York Institute of Photography.

Always creative, Anderson recalls she and her sister used blankets to create sets, and with the assistance of "Ken and Barbie," completed the portrait shots.

Anderson completed her college work in 2002 and worked for a photo store in Burnsville Center for five years. She also worked for Camelot Wedding Photography in Minneapolis

With the help of Women's Ventures in St. Paul, a mentoring business that helps women open their own businesses, Anderson started her own photography business when she and her husband Jason lived in Burnsville.

The name of the business, which she is continuing in Hastings, expresses Anderson's creative side and her spiritual side. She refers to a scripture passage that reflections are a "flair of Christ."

She views her photography as "storytelling," and her wedding photography is the "Story of the Wedding." She is very comfortable spending the entire day with the couple from the early morning to late evening.

"As part of my wedding storytelling package, I always have a second photographer to help capture every angle of the wedding day," Anderson said. "Most often that photographer is my husband, Jason, who is a blast to work with."

Flair Studio was recently selected as one of "Best Wedding Photography Studios on 2009. One of her clients nominated her and referred to her time and effort with the her wedding photographs.

"I want to get to know the people," Anderson said.

She works primarily with a digital camera, but takes several rolls of film with her for weddings.

"They both have different looks," she said.

When the initial picture taking is completed, she then begins editing and adding special effects to the photography. Clients can view their photo proofs online and have many package options from which to select.

Anderson's portraits shots are similar those she does for the weddings, but she is always available to take her personal equipment to the peoples' homes.

She is also into landscape and wildlife photography and recently returned from Arizona and Utah, where she photographed the national parks. She plans to show her "Let There be Light" display later this week at Great River Art Gallery in downtown Hastings.

For more information, about Flair Studio, call 651-491-0988. Additional information is available at