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One injured in single-vehicle crash

The driver of this Toyota Camry sustained non-life-threatening injuries after veering off the road and into two trees Wednesday evening.1 / 2
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A 53-year-old man from Fort Collins, Colo., was taken to Regina Wednesday evening after his car went off the road and crashed into two trees.

The man was driving his 2010 Toyota Camry north on Pleasant Street when he veered off the road and drove through the base of one tree and struck the trunk of a second tree in a yard at the corner of Pleasant and Jefferson streets. Police believe the driver may have suffered from an unknown medical emergency, said Chief of Police Paul Schnell.

The man was the sole occupant of the car. His injuries were non-life-threatening, Schnell said, and no citations were issued. The crash occurred at about 7:30 p.m. July 13.