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Family finds live grenade in new home

So much for the welcome wagon.

A family in Cannon Falls Township in Goodhue County got an alarming housewarming gift Sunday when they found a live grenade while moving into their new house.

Kari and Jason Erickson were clearing out items left behind by the previous resident which included a desk. As they began moving the piece from the dining room, they heard something rolling around inside.

They opened the desk and recognized immediately what they were looking at. Still, they kept their hopes up.

"At first, we thought, 'That's not a live grenade,'" Kari said Monday.

She said about "two seconds later" another look at the device indicated it probably shouldn't be touched.

"I have kids, and I don't want this here," Kari recalled thinking.

They called the police and were advised to bring the explosive in for deputies to inspect.

No thanks, Kari said.

"We said, 'Come and get it,'" she said.

Goodhue County sheriff's deputies inspected the grenade, then called in the Bloomington, Minn., bomb squad.

It was determined to be live.

The Ericksons, formerly of Nerstrand, Minn., were told to stay out of their home for about four hours during the episode.

Sheriff's spokeswoman Kris Weiss said the grenade was taken to a quarry on County Road 9 and detonated by the bomb squad.

Kari said the grenade appeared to have been a keepsake of the former resident's late husband, who reportedly brought the explosive back from Vietnam.

Maybe not something you'd forget?

"One would think," Kari said.

The pyrotechnics may be over for now, but Kari said the family -- including three children and an inquisitive dog -- remain on the alert.

They've been advised there were "probably more" items of interest left behind.