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Dazed bridge collapse victim tried to help others

Richard Lindholm of Minneapolis called his daughter "lucky, very lucky."

The car in front of Amy Lindhom's on the Interstate 35W bridge Wednesday went into the water. Hers was only hit from behind, sending the Minneapolis resident to the hospital with a neck brace.

But not right away, her father said.

"She apparently got ahold of her cell phone and called [family members]," Richard Lindholm said of the instant after the accident before cell service went out.

"She's a medical assistant. She went around and tried to help people. She stumbled on one that was dead in a car," her father said.

"She was trying to tell [emergency workers] which ones needed help. They told her to just go home," he said. "She said, 'Go home? How am I supposed to do that? My car is crushed.' "

Lindholm said he and his wife tried to drive to the scene from south Minneapolis but were unable to get through.

"Her in-laws were able to get to her before we did. Her in-laws came down University Avenue, from the north. They spotted her. Apparently, she was walking."

In a daze, he said, but "lucky."