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Worthington man charged with criminal sexual conduct

WORTHINGTON -- A 21-year-old Worthington man has been accused of allegedly forcing a 13-year-old girl to have sexual intercourse while she was at his home.

Leon Baldomero Villarreal was charged last week with two counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct, both serious felonies, in Nobles County District Court.

According to the criminal complaint, the victim's father contacted authorities to tell them his daughter, who had been reported as a runaway the week before, had told him an older man had forced her to have sexual intercourse.

In an interview with authorities, the girl said she and her sister had visited Villarreal's house during the time she had run away. She said she had known him for about three weeks, but denied they had been dating.

The juvenile said she was in the kitchen at about 11 a.m. when Villarreal allegedly asked her if she wanted to have sex. She told him she did not, but said he pulled her by the arm into a bedroom, held her down and had intercourse with her.

The girl said he asked her again to have sex at about 5 or 6 p.m., and she again said no. She said he forced her a second time, then told her the owner of the house did not want a 13-year-old girl there, so she got her things and left.

Authorities contacted Villarreal at his residence and asked him to appear for questioning. He asked if he could meet the officer at the law enforcement center, but 30 minutes later, the girl's father called to say Villarreal was sitting on a park bench near the beach. The officer drove to the beach and found Villarreal, who got into his squad car for an interview.

During the interview, Villarreal said he was aware that people were saying he had sex with a 13-year-old girl, but he denied he had let the girl and her sister stay with him and denied having sex intercourse with the girl.

Later, he admitted he did let the girls stay. He said he was sleeping when the girl, whose name he did not know, came to him and they "made out" and had intercourse. He denied it happened twice, but later said, "Yeah, there's a possibility it happened again that day."

Bail was set at $40,000 with a condition of release of no contact with the victim or her family, or $25,000 bond, no contact with the victim or her family and abstinence from drugs. He is also not allowed to leave the state without the court's permission.

If convicted, Villarreal faces a maximum combined penalty of 30 years imprisonment and/or $60,000 in fines. His next court appearance is 9 a.m. Tuesday at Prairie Justice Center, Worthington.