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None injured in Maple Street incident

A three-hour standoff between law enforcement and a Hastings resident Monday evening ended safely, according to Hastings police.

Hastings officers responded to the 300 block of Maple Street shortly after 5 p.m. Feb. 6. When they arrived, they found a subject who was distraught and threatening to take their own life. A family member was also inside the house, and it was learned that there were weapons inside the home. The incident triggered a multi-block road closure in the area and response from the Dakota County Sheriff's Office as well as the Dakota County MAAG (SWAT) team, complete with armored vehicles. 

The incident was resolved shortly after 8 p.m., said Hastings Chief of Police Bryan Schafer, when the subject willingly came out of the home on their own. No one was injured.

Schafer said at the scene that he didn't feel the public was in any danger during the incident. Although the roads were closed to traffic surrounding the area, nearby residents were not evacuated. He said he did have a notification sent to people in the area and also posted a tweet about the situation.

"Barricaded subject in 300 block of Maple St. Streets closed into the area," he tweeted at 7:31 p.m. "Residents are asked to shelter in place until further notice."

Schafer said that some residents opted to leave on their own. One hour after his initial tweet, Schafer posted again, notifying people that the situation had been resolved.

Even the relative inside the home was considered to be safe. She opted to stay inside during part of the incident, but eventually left the home while the subject was still inside.

"At no time did we feel that she was in danger," Schafer said.

Still, the presence of any innocent party was cause for "critical concern," he said. Once she was out of the residence, responders were able to focus completely on achieving a safe resolution for the subject still inside. For that, he said, he was willing to stay on scene for any amount of time.

"From my perspective ... we will stay there as long as it takes for them to come out on their own," Schafer said.

Once the situation was resolved, the subject was transported to a Twin Cities hospital for care. 

Schafer said the incident was handled well.

"I've been to a lot of these in my career and this was well run," he said.

Hastings police officers, who were first on the scene, identified the situation, created a perimeter and were able to start a dialogue with the subject from the very beginning. The Dakota County Sheriff's Office was second on the scene, and the Dakota County MAAG unit, which includes officers from agencies throughout the county, stepped in with its resources as well. 

Hastings Public Works played a role, assisting with road closures. The Hastings Fire Department was also involved, helping ensure responders were prepared for what could have been a much longer night. Police Reserves assisted, and back at the police department, additional police officers were called up to cover routine calls, as the incident required a substantial amount of the department's resources.

Communication between agencies was a strong point of the response team, Schafer said. 

"I was very proud of everybody who came together," Schafer said.

When the incident was nearly over, police were also called to a similar situation along Malcolm Avenue. Schafer said he wasn't at that incident personally, but it was resolved safely and quickly.