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Man rescued from Cannon River

A man was rescued from a canoe accident on the Cannon River last Wednesday.

Richard Finklea, 52, Minneapolis, and Rendee Foster, 52, Hastings, were involved in the incident. The couple put their canoe in the Cannon River near the Cannon Falls Park shortly after 12 p.m. Minutes later, the canoe capsized, throwing both parties into the river.

Finklea and Foster were wearing personal flotation devices. Foster was able to swim to shore. Finklea held onto the canoe as the current swept him northeast toward Welch.

According to Goodhue County Sheriff’s Office officials, the river was high with a fast current making it too hazardous to operate boats on the river. Rescue personnel were set up at various locations on the Cannon River waiting for Finklea to float by. Cannon Falls and Miesville Fire and Rescue operated ATVs on the Cannon Valley bike trail to check the river. Goodhue County deputies, Cannon Falls Police, Red Wing Fire and Ambulance, State Patrol helicopter and Minnesota Aviation Rescue Team also were present on the scene.

Finklea was able to get into the submerged canoe and keep it upright until he was rescued, hand paddling the canoe close enough to the shore for the throw bag and rope to reach him. He suffered minor injuries, spending roughly about one hour in the water.