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Rivertown Days medallion hunt

The Edina Realty medallion is pictured here. (Submitted photo)

The 31st annual Rivertown Days medallion hunt, run by the Hastings Edina Realty, will begin on July 11.

Sandy Becker, office administrator at Edina Realty, has been responsible for putting the hunt together since she started in 1992.

The medallion is hidden within the city limits on public property and is never buried or put in a tree. No digger or climbing is allowed.

All the clues can be found in the Edina Realty office Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Clues will also be announced daily on KDWA radio (AM 1460 and FM 97.7). Clues will not be given out over the phone or by fax. Medallion hunters should note that realtors do not know where the medallion is hidden.

Once the medallion is found, the person who located it must bring the medallion to the office immediately. The best part is the prize; if the finder has a Rivertown Days button, they will receive a $500 check. Without a button, a $250 check is awarded.

Clues typically start out vague and get more specific with each passing day. If the medallion is not found by Sunday, the last clue will give directions to the medallion’s location; the first person to get it still receives the prize.

Edina Realty noted that more than one clue per day may be released toward the end of the hunt if the medallion is not found.

Medallion hunters under the age of 12 must be with a parent or guardian.