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Hastings pool closes for repairs

The Hastings Family Aquatic Center (HFAC) will be closed until further notice, city staff announced today.

The pool has been losing a significant amount of water due to leaking. Two repairs have already been done recently, but further action still needs to be taken to stop the water loss. The Hastings Parks and Recreation Department has contacted a leak detection company as well as pool building and repair companties to help identify the source of the problem.

"We intend to repair all leaks and issues prior to opening the pool again, so the closure could last for a week or longer," said Parks and Recreation Director Chris Jenkins. "This is an extremely difficult decision for us to make, but we feel it is the most responsible decision at this time. We have done our best to this point to find and resolve the water issues and keep the pool operating, but it has become apparent that we are facing a more significant issue than we were hoping for."

The City will continue to offer updates on the condition of the pool and expected re-opening dates. Alternate arrangements for families signed up in swimming lessons are being made. For detailed updates regarding make-up lessons, call HFAC at 651-480-2385.