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Hastings graduate dies from carbon monoxide poisoning while fishing in Wyoming

Steven McConnell, a 1974 graduate of Hastings High School, died Monday in a tragic carbon monoxide accident while ice fishing with his 17-year-old son Matthew in Wyoming. Matthew also died in the accident.

McConnell is the son of Tom and Phyllis McConnell of Hastings.

"It has not been easy," Phyllis McConnell said. "Steven was always a very caring person, and he loved kids."

Steven McConnell and his wife had six children. Matthew was a senior at the high school in Stansbury Park, Utah, which is where the family was living. A service is planned for Thursday at the high school.

Phyllis and Tom McConnell leave early next week for the service.

A propane heater was apparently found on in the shelter, and law enforcement officials believe that is what caused the tragedy.