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Fire totals garage Sunday afternoon

Firefighters extinguished a large garage fire Sunday. While the garage was totaled, the fire was prevented from spreading to any other structures. (Submitted photo)

A fire claimed a garage Sunday, Jan. 5, in the 1900 block of Oak Street in Hastings. A resident welding in the garage accidentally ignited some combustibles inside the 24- by 32-foot structure.

The Hastings Fire Department was on scene about five hours through the late afternoon. The fire was difficult to extinguish due to the building’s lightweight construction and interior tin panel sheeting. Early on, most of the roof collapsed, created many voids and hidden crevasses that gave access to the fire, according to the department.

The garage is a total loss, but firefighters kept the blaze from spreading to other structures. Responders estimated the total loss to be valued around $125,000, including a classic car valued around $60,000.

No firefighters or occupants were injured in the incident.