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Gobble Gait raised $100,000 for Hastings Family Service

The 16th annual Gobble Gait in downtown Hastings raised a record $100,000 for Hastings Family Service. The event was held Thanksgiving morning.

“It’s awesome,” said one of the event’s organizers, Mary Hoffman. “We were hoping to hit six figures. The goal was just to do better than we did last year, and we did do that. We’re very fortunate to get to ($100,000). There was a lot of help from sponsors. Our sponsors are so huge.”

In terms of actual participants, this year’s event was a little smaller than last year’s, with about 3,100 people participating. Last year there were about 3,500.

Sponsorships from area businesses, though, exceeded last year’s, resulting in the big total.

All told, some $776,000 has been raised by Gobble Gait for Hastings Family Service.

In addition, 1,400 pounds of food were donated.

“We’re all just very happy with the outcome once again,” Hoffman said. “After 16 years, we just have so much support from our community.

The 8K event was hampered a bit this year by an ill-timed train that caught participants after they had started but before they’d crossed the tracks.

“We’d like to thank the participants – nobody complained,” Hoffman said. “We try our hardest to not get (trains). They try to slow them down but it doesn’t always work.”

The 2K participants were also slowed down by a train.

“It was crazy,” Hoffman said. “You have to laugh. Everybody was in just a good mood anyway. If that’s the worst thing that happens, we’re OK with that.”

The men’s winner, Nick Ross, had a time of 28 minutes and 32 seconds. Placing second was Paul Siemens in 29:55 and third was Ryan Condon, 30:37.

On the women’s side, the winner was Chelsey Johnson, who had a time of 31:36. Placing second was Kayla Huhnerkoch in 34:04. Sara Conroy was third in 34:15.