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Reminder: city snow emergency goes into effect as soon as there's two inches

The City of Hastings would like to remind residents of its snow emergency policy and educate the public on the snow plow and law enforcement protocol. A state of snow emergency automatically goes into effect when two or more inches of snow has fallen. This means that a snow emergency will go into effect without any formal notification from the city. All vehicles must be moved off of city streets until that street is cleared of snow from curb to curb. Vehicles parked illegally will be ticketed and/or towed.

The city urges citizens to take responsibility for their vehicles. While it can be inconvenient to find alternate parking on the chance that a snowfall may occur overnight, vehicles parked in the way of the snowplows decrease efficiency and increase costs by slowing down the process and causing extra work for both law enforcement and snow plow operators.

In cases where a plow has to go around a vehicle, snow can get packed down and later freeze, causing cases of buildup that can’t be removed without potential damage to the road or curb. This can also cause very dangerous road conditions. The top priority is to make our streets safe for citizens as well as for emergency personnel when dealing with fire and ambulance calls.

The snow plow routes change from one snow fall to the next. Do not count on your street being plowed at a certain time. It may be first this snowfall and last the next. Don’t take the chance of getting ticketed or towed.

Residents can take action by watching local weather. Vehicles should be moved if the threat of snow is present, regardless of the time of day. The inconvenience of finding alternate parking will be far less than having your vehicle towed. The city encourages residents to be considerate of your neighbors and to work together to keep Hastings safe. The city appreciates residents' patience and cooperation this winter season.