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Norm Plumb says ‘Thanks’ as he heads back to Canada

When Doug Plumb was heading into his sophomore year, he had a big decision to make. His father, Norm, had been given a work visa and had moved to Hastings from their native Canada.

Doug Plumb had to decide if he’d come with his father or stay home in Canada.

One big factor was playing into the decision, too. That factor was basketball.

In the end, Plumb opted to come to Minnesota and suit up for the blue-and-gold. Making the team, though, was no guarantee. He didn’t know what to expect from basketball here, so while he had excelled through junior high school in Canada, there were no guarantees. Just making the varsity team as a sophomore was up in the air. That left Norm Plumb a very nervous father.

So, even though tryouts were closed to the public, Norm snuck in to the gym to watch.

He looked all around and couldn’t find Doug. That got him worried. “Was he cut already?” Norm remembers asking himself.

Norm walked into the locker room and saw then-coach Trent Hanson talking to Doug. Immediately, Norm hit the floor. He remembers crawling out so as to avoid being detected by Hanson.

At the end of the Doug Plumb’s brilliant career in Hastings three years later, he graduated as the school’s all-time leading scorer. He then accepted a scholarship to play at Minnesota State University, Mankato. He played one year there before transferring to the University of British Columbia, where he was a key member of their team for three years.

His father, meanwhile, became a staple in the stands at HHS and remained so even after Doug graduated.

Now, though, it’s time to head back to Canada for Norm Plumb. His work as a management consultant for a manufacturing company has concluded, and he’s packing up and leaving today (Thursday). He’s heading back home to Vancouver, British Columbia.

Saying ‘thanks’

Norm Plumb said he’s very thankful for all the hospitality shown to him and his family while they lived here.

“The community as a whole has been very supportive to the Plumb household over the years,” Norm Plumb said. “Hastings feels more like home than Vancouver. I base that statement on the warmth of the community and the people of Minnesota.

“(Thursday) is going to be a tough day. Thank you for the open arms and being inviting from the get-go all the way through.”

Hanson and the coaching staff at HHS made a huge difference in Doug’s life, Norm said.

“Huge hats off to the Hanson family, and all the coaches,” Norm Plumb said. “Trent and the coaches really mentored Doug. They’re still friends today. Doug has very fond memories of being here.”

Doug’s playing days

Basketball isn’t over for Doug Plumb.

He graduated from the University of British Columbia earlier this year. He was a captain in his senior year and led his team in scoring, assists and steals. He was All-Canadian in his senior year, too.

He is now playing in a professional league in Hungary. He plays for Zalakeramia-ZTE KK, which is off to a 3-0 start so far this year.

Plumb is averaging almost 13 points per game, four rebounds and two assists.

Plumb recorded a message for several Hastings basketball boosters last week and gave them an update on his career.

In that message, he expressed his gratitude.

“I really appreciate my time there, and what you guys have done for me,” he said in the message. “I’d just like to say thank you for taking me in … and just being so hospitable and lifelong friends.”