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Swimmers rescued from Vermillion River

Five people were rescued from the Vermillion River early Wednesday afternoon.

Two groups of people had been swimming in the river about 200 yards upstream of the Ramsey Mill ruins when the current swept them away, said Fire and EMS Director Mike Schutt. There were three teens and two adults.

Two people were able to make it to the shore and three made it to an island in the river. The victims were able to use a cell phone to call 911 to provide their location and situation to rescuers. The fire department conducted a water rescue and used ropes to bring the victims up the bluff. One person was transported to Regina Medical Center with minor injuries.

Schutt cautioned people to be cautious whenever they’re near water, and urged that people refrain from swimming in the river.

“Rivers are a dangerous place to swim in,” he said.

Even though it may look calm, there are a lot of hazards that can put swimmers at risk.

“It may look safe in a certain area... but the current is strong and the sides and bottom (of the river) are very rocky and the rocks are very slippery, and you can lose your footing and get swept away,” he said.

“We recommend to stay out of that river.”