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Cottage Grove man, Hastings teacher charged with harassment

A Cottage Grove man who teaches language arts at Hastings High School has been charged with harassment and interfering with privacy for allegedly peering into a woman's window multiple times over the course of more than a year.

Bryce D. Tannahill, 34, was charged with two counts of gross misdemeanor harassment and/or stalking, one count of gross misdemeanor interference with privacy and one count of tampering with a motor vehicle.

According to the Washington County Court Complaint, the woman and her fiancé arrived at their residence in the 9100 block of East Point Douglas Lane in the early evening Dec. 1 and saw a male peering into the window. The woman's fiancé chased the man and held him down until police arrived at the scene.

At the same time, the woman noticed the dome light in her car was on, which only happens when the door has just been open, according to the complaint. The woman's sunglasses were outside the vehicle, and she said her makeup bag had been gone through.

Tannahill denied to police ever looking into a window, and said he was out for a jog and running through the yard of the residence when they pulled up, according to the complaint.

Police later learned they had three prior reports on file of someone peering into the window of the home. The first incident allegedly took place on May 6, 2007, when the woman reported that she was changing clothes in her bedroom and when she looked up she saw a man looking into the window. She said Tannahill was the same man she saw back in that incident. On April 16, 2008, the woman again allegedly saw Tannahill looking into the bedroom window, according to the complaint.

In a third incident, on Oct. 29, when an unknown person driving by reported that an individual was peering into one of the home's windows.