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Traffic now flowing on new bridge; demolition of old bridge to begin Wednesday morning

This photo was taken from the second floor of City Hall during a brief presentation Tuesday night. Star Gazette photo by Chad Richardson2 / 2

All traffic coming in and out of Hastings on Highway 61 is using the new bridge over the Mississippi River.

Just before 7 p.m. on Tuesday, northbound traffic was routed onto the new bridge.

Southbound traffic was routed onto the new bridge on Monday night.

Following the switch, a large group of people was permitted to walk across the big blue bridge. Bagpipes played, photos were taken and by Wednesday morning, the landscape will really begin to change. The blue bridge will begin to be dismantled beginning Wednesday morning.

The first step will be to demolish the portion of the bridge over downtown Hastings. Once that is complete, demolition will take a break until later this summer, allowing crews a chance to build the final piece of the project.