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Local families hosted AFS Exchange Students

AFS-USA's East Metro Area Team would like to recognize two local families who have opened their homes and Hastings to the world by hosting AFS Exchange Students.

Each year, AFS celebrates Host Family Appreciation Month in March. The Steve and Ceil Strauss family is hosting Paolo from Italy. Curtis and Sharon Aaseng are hosting Roman from Ukraine. Host parents were invited to a supper in Lauderdale, which took place in the evening on March 24. There they heard from a girl from Macedonia about her experiences in the United States and were entertained by a student from Indonesia. The Aasengs attended the dinner, and Anne Mellesmoen, a Hastings volunteer, arrived on time to see and hear the presentations and to help clean up. Hastings has been involved with AFS for many years and since 2003 has welcomed more than 30 high school students from other countries and sent at least two students abroad in that time period.

More than 2,300 AFS Exchange Students arrive in the U.S. each year from more than 90 countries, live with local host families and study at area high schools. AFS is always looking for supportive families to host students like these. Join our global community. To find out how to host a student, study abroad, or volunteer with AFS, contact Mellesmoen at 651-437-5221 or anne.mellesmoen@afs or visit