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Weapon accidently fired at gun show in Hastings

During a gun show Saturday afternoon at the National Guard armory in Hastings, a handgun was accidently fired. Nobody was injured.

During the show, a vendor was showing a customer a handgun. The customer asked the vendor how to disassemble or field strip the weapon. The vendor inserted his magazine and ended up accidentally loading a round into the chamber.

When he went to strip down the weapon, he had to pull the trigger. He pointed the gun at the floor, pulled the trigger, and a shot rang out.

An on-duty Hastings police officer had happened to come by the show and immediately took a report.

Nobody has been cited in the incident, but Hastings Chief of Police Paul Schnell said that the matter remains under investigation.

Promoters rented out the space at the armory. The event was not affiliated with the National Guard.