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Missing Hastings woman found alive in Oklahoma

A Hastings woman missing since mid-December was located safe and sound in Oklahoma on Saturday.

Nikole Sherry, 24, was found by officers in Marlow, Okla.

"She came to the attention of law enforcement because of apparent concerns for her wellbeing," Hastings Chief of Police Paul Schnell said. "Officers responded and found her to be in good health and good condition."

Sherry had gone missing after leaving Regions Hospital in St. Paul on Dec. 18, 2012. She had snuck out of the facility against doctor's wishes and had vanished.

Between then and now, Sherry had apparently been "traveling" and "drifting," Schnell said.

"She told officers she just needed a break," he said.

When officers in Oklahoma made contact with Sherry and put her into the computer system there, she popped up as a missing person. Hastings officers were contacted right away and verified Sherry's identity.

Officers in Oklahoma then put Sherry on the phone with family members, who had obviously been concerned about her wellbeing.

Sherry had been in Oklahoma for about a month, staying with a man who said he didn't know she was a missing person.

Arrangements are being made by family members for her to be brought back to Minnesota.