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Resident, fed up with firewood theft, crafts her own sign

This is the sign outside Jennifer Cavalier's home in Hastings.

In June, Jennifer Cavalier and her family got the news from friends that a massive storm had come through Hastings and knocked a tree over in their lawn.

By the time the Cavalier family returned home, family and friends had taken care of the problem. They used chainsaws to break the logs down to size, and they were then stacked neatly under an overhang near the front door.

The wood was too wet to be used in the bonfire pit last summer, so the family let it sit outside to dry out. They figured they'd use it this summer.

That won't be happening after all.

Early one morning a few weeks ago, Cavalier woke up and saw a well-worn path through the snow in her front lawn. That's when she noticed all the wood had gone missing.

In the middle of the night, someone had pulled up to her house and took all of her firewood.

"I was really mad," Cavalier said. "They stole it from our front door - my family was sleeping right there."

In a frustrated state, Cavalier grabbed an enormous piece of plywood, grabbed a can of black spraypaint and made a sign that reads "Think to ask."

"I had other words I wanted to put on it, but I didn't have enough paint," Cavalier said. "I would have shared. I wouldn't have given them all my wood, but if they wanted it, all they had to do was ask.

"Somebody just decided it was there and they could take it."

So far, there are no leads in the case. Cavalier didn't make a police report in the matter, and figured someone must have seen something. The family lives at 20th Street and Pleasant Drive, a well-traveled area of the city.

So far, though, nobody has come forward with any information.

Cavalier said she wasn't sure how long the sign was going to be out front.