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CR 46/47 trail: New trail closure is part of the deal

Last fall, the City of Hastings finished work on a new trail connection that improved safety for trail users along County Road 46/47, between Pleasant Drive and the Vermillion River overpass.

Then, just a few weeks later, in mid-December, the trail was gated off and marked as closed. It has been closed ever since.

But trail users can be assured that the new link will be open again soon. The winter closure is part of an easement agreement the city struck with the property owners.

Because the city does not own the land where the trail was built, it had to secure easements from the property owners. As part of the easement agreement, the owners requested that the trail be closed in the winter months, from Dec. 15 to March 15, every year, explained Public Works Director Tom Montgomery. He said he believed there was a concern about how winter trail use would impact homeowners along the segment.

But come March 16, the gates should be open again, and the trail available to use until next winter.