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Search continues for missing Hastings woman

The search continues for a missing Hastings woman, last seen leaving Regions Hospital in St. Paul six weeks ago.

Nikole L. Sherry, 24, left against medical advice and has not been heard from since. Family members have said that is not typical behavior for her.

The Hastings Police Department went public with the case in January, hoping to get leads on her whereabouts.

"We've had reports of sightings, but none of them have been deemed fully credible," Hastings Chief of Police Paul Schnell said. "Every lead we have we received we follow up on with vigor. Certainly, for the family and for investigators, it's challenging. Somebody just disappeared.

"While there are people who have that as part of their pattern, by all accounts this is not the pattern for Nikole Sherry."

Hastings police have worked with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and the Jacob Wetterling Foundation, as well as other police departments. They've entered her into national databases, too, and have her flagged in the national law enforcement database. With that step taken, the HPD would be contacted if any law enforcement official in the nation makes contact with her.

Her dental records and DNA samples have also been entered, too.

When Sherry left the hospital, she was wearing a red sweatshirt, powder blue pajama bottoms, and black shoes or sandals. She had no money or identification with her. She is described as a Native American/White female, 5-6 in height, weighing 150 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes. On her right arm, Sherry has a tattoo of a crown with the name "Lamika" below it.

Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to contact the Hastings Police Department at 651-322-2323.

"We're really just trying to keep the focus and attention on finding her," Schnell said.