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City of Eagan offers administrator job to Osberg

City Administrator Dave Osberg has been offered a job as the city administrator in the City of Eagan.

Osberg applied to the position after a recruiter hired by the City of Eagan approached him and asked if he would be interested in submitting his resume. Earlier this month, Osberg was selected as one of four finalists.

Last Thursday and Friday, he interviewed with Eagan's department heads, a citizen panel and the city council.

Late Friday afternoon, Osberg got a call from the city.

"They offered me a position and we're working on the terms of the agreement," he said.

On Tuesday, Osberg said he expected the terms to be buttoned up by the end of the day Wednesday or Thursday. Once the agreement is settled, it would go to the Eagan City Council for approval at their next meeting, Feb. 5.

If the agreement is approved, Osberg would start working in Eagan sometime in late March.