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Tabs are homemade; charge filed

A check of a vehicle registration by a Dakota County deputy in Hampton on Sept. 20 has resulted in a charge of aggravated forgery being filed against the driver, Wayne James Matier, 38, of Inver Grove Heights.

According to the criminal complaint, the deputy ran the license plate number of the vehicle and learned that the registration was expired. He stopped the vehicle. As the deputy approached the vehicle, he observed that the tab on the plate appeared to be falling apart and that the lamination was peeling off the face of the tab. Minnesota license tabs are not laminated, but rather they are made with weatherproof stickers. Further observations confirmed that the tabs were made of paper and that they did not belong to the vehicle.

The driver of the vehicle, Matier, initially gave several stories about the tab. He finally admitted he made the tabs after obtaining information from a co-worker. He said he knew it was wrong and illegal, but did not realize the severity of the offense.