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Police report preview - Jan. 5 to Jan. 11

• A delivery driver asked Hastings officers to assist him with an uncooperative customer who he said didn't pay for her meal.

Upon receiving her food, a resident in the 800 block of Lyn Way said she had given her credit card number on the phone and had already paid. She then refused to answer her door.

Officers are following up with the resident.

• Alcohol and a pizza were stolen from a garage in the 100 block of 25th Street. A woman reported someone had entered her garage and accessed a refrigerator.

Stolen was a bottle of Skyy vodka, two bottles of wine, one bottle of peach Schnapp's, four bottles of Malibu, one bottle of champagne and three Heggie's pizzas.

• Graffiti was spray painted on a fence in the back of a building in the 1300 block of Frontage Road. Painted was a swastika, the letters BJOB and the letters FTP and what was described in the report as a "devilish happy face."

• A Hastings woman came to City Hall to report that she believes someone has placed cameras inside her apartment and is watching her. There is no evidence of the cameras.