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Slick roads lead to a dozen spinouts, crashes, in Ravenna Township

Rescue personnel from the Hastings Fire Department work to free a woman trapped in a rollover accident on Monday morning along 200th Street. The woman was freed and was able to walk away from the scene without serious injuries. The crash took place at about 8:30 a.m. Monday. Star Gazette photo by Chad Richardson

It didn't last for long, and it wasn't a widespread problem across Dakota County, but incredibly slick conditions Monday morning led to about a dozen crashes in a matter of minutes just south of Hastings.

On 200th Street and Ravenna Trail, between Highway 316 and Treasure Island Resort and Casino, frosty roads were unusually slippery. Cars and trucks slipped into ditches. One rolled over and into a number of trees, the driver somehow escaping serious injuries. A Mustang slipped into the snow and waited to be pulled out. Tow trucks and squad cars were everywhere and drivers were on their cell phones calling for help getting out of the ditch.

Nobody was seriously injured in the crashes, which began around 7:30 a.m.

Captain Joe Leko with the Dakota County Sheriff's Department said that the best guess is that the conditions were caused by fog that had settled overnight in the low-lying area, adjacent to the Vermillion River.

"It just got slick," he said. "There was no other area in the county that was having that issue. It was crazy for a while."

The road was nearly shut down, but a county highway truck came through and spread salt and sand and that helped the problem.

Leko said one deputy on the scene watched vehicles go into the ditch around him, making the report writing rather easy.