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Minneapolis woman faces first- degree drug charges after stop

What started with a broken taillight and an erratic driver quickly turned into much more on Dec. 14.

Early that morning, a Hastings Police officer observed the taillight and the erratic driving, and initiated a traffic stop. During that stop, a large supply of methamphetamine was found, the driver was arrested and the passenger is now also under investigation.

On Monday, Dec. 17, Roseanne April Kohnen, 26, Minneapolis, was charged with one count of a controlled substance crime in the first degree, and one count of controlled substance crime in the first degree (sale). She made her first court appearance and bail was set at $70,000. Her next scheduled court hearing in Dakota County District Court is March 19.

According to the criminal complaint, when Kohnen was stopped in Hastings, she was unable to provide a current driver's license. The vehicle was filled with a number of items - Koehnen said she was moving and everything she owned was in it.

In checking her driving record, the officer learned her license had been suspended and that she had an active warrant for her arrest out of Hennepin County on a first-degree drug sale. The officer placed Kohnen under arrest. Inside her boot, the officer found a large plastic bag containing a clear crystalline substance.

Meanwhile, the passenger in the vehicle was also asked to exit the vehicle. He, too, was searched, and inside a pocket, the officer found a small white object that rattled slightly. The passenger said he did not know what it was and that the jacket was not his. More than $1,300 in cash was found in his pocket. He was placed under arrest.

In searching the vehicle, officers found many plastic bags containing a crystalline substance. Large amounts of cash were found in envelopes. The cash totaled more than $3,000.

As officers searched the vehicle, one checked on Kohnen, who was sitting on the back seat. She appeared to be overdosing. She was transported to Regina Medical Center where doctors said she was faking an overdose. She was transferred to the Dakota County Jail. She told officers she wanted an attorney. She also said that all items in the vehicle were hers and that none belonged to the passenger.