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Man caught stealing tires in Hastings; says 'Pookie' gave him permission to take them

A black truck was seen running into another vehicle and a road sign in the 1400 block of Vermillion Street in Hastings on Sunday, Dec. 2.

Officers were called and were given the plate number of the vehicle, and where it went.

It turns out the driver of the truck was seen at a Hastings business removing tires from an area near a trash container. The driver was confronted by an employee of the store. The driver told the employee that Pookie had given him permission to take the tires. The employee, though, didn't know anyone by the name of Pookie, and he told the driver so.

That prompted the driver to flee. The employee gave chase and got the man's license plate.

After hitting a vehicle, running over a curb and driving through a gas station, the man paused for a minute to examine to the damage to his vehicle, then drove away.

Eventually, officers were able to find the vehicle. An off-duty Dakota County deputy saw the vehicle and it was stopped in Washington County. The man was arrested.