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Police report preview - Nov. 22 to Nov. 30

• Officers stopped a vehicle for speeding. The driver was found to have a revoked driver's license and was cited.

Cited for driving after revocation was 22-year-old Panhia Lo of St. Paul.

The vehicle was impounded. The traffic stop was made on Ravenna Trail.

It was the second time in two days that the driver had been cited for the offense. The previous day the driver's other vehicle was impounded.

• An intoxicated man was seen falling down outside in the 1400 block of Sibley Street. The man was unable to care for himself and was taken to detox.

• An intoxicated person was reported at a facility in the 1200 block of 18th Street. The man was walking outside in his pajamas. He later returned, then left again.

Officers found the man hiding under the 18th Street bridge. He agreed to be taken to detox.