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Skog earns back his previous position as the mayor of Hampton

He was mayor of Hampton for several years, then was defeated four years ago by Paye Flomo.

Now, Timothy Skog will become mayor again as he defeated Flomo 196 to 117.

Skog's return to office was part of the election news in the communities surrounding Hastings.

In other election results:

Coates -- mayor, John Gores was elected mayor with 675 votes; For city council, Christopher Gores and Marjorie Karnick were elected with 46 and 61 votes respectively.

Hampton - For city council, Amanda Jensrud and John Knetter were elected with 207 and 167 votes respectively.

Miesville -- Incumbent Mayor Gene Stoffel, unopposed, received 71 votes. For city council, incumbents Dean Schauer and Jesse Wiederholt were returned to office with 65 and 49 votes respectively.

New Trier -- For mayor, Melanie Peters was elected with 49 votes. For city council, Patti Brown and Kristin Dejarus were elected with 37 and 18 votes respectively. Joshua Guerts has 16 votes.

For the special city council election, Dorine Guerts, 49 votes, and Bo Selinder, 18 votes, were elected.

Vermillion -- mayor, Brian Mann, 224 votes, was elected. For city council, David Route, 133 votes, and Bruce Holien, 126 votes, were elected. Diane Gehrke received 123 votes.