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Two charged with property damage

Two men, Daniel Steven Greenwood, 22, Cottage Grove, and Jeffrey Scott Siewert, 21, Hastings, have been charged with criminal damage to property in the first degree and tampering with a motor vehicle (entering without permission). The charges were filed following a Sept. 30 mailbox vandalism incident on Park Lane in Hastings.

According to the criminal report, police responded on the report of two people damaging property. When they arrived, they observed that the complainant has apprehended the two people, identified as Greenwood and Siewert.

The complaint had been inside his residence when he heard the door of his Jeep parked outside open.

He ran outside and saw Greenwood and Siewert shutting the door of the vehicle and pushing over his neighbor's mailbox. He ran after them and apprehended them. As the officers were speaking with the complaint, they began receiving calls from other residents in the area indicating damage to their mailboxes. A total of 16 mailboxes weredamaged.