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A color for the next century: 'Terra cotta' bridge color was chosen to stand out, match downtown

There's been much talk about the color of the new bridge. Some, viewing the main span during its move last weekend, said they weren't so sure about the color, while others appreciated that it stands out.

Officially, the bridge color is "terra cotta." It was chosen by the Visual Quality Team in December of 2010.

The VQT held a series of meetings, both public and private, before settling on the terra cotta color. The team invited the public to voice its opinion on the color at an open house in September of 2010. At that meeting, an informal poll indicated the general public preferred some sort of blue color, leading the VQT to make dark blue one of three color options. A second option was light grey, to make the bridge less distracting when taking in the Hastings river views. Terra cotta was the third option, and was touted as a compromise between the bold modern blue color and the softer grey. Terra cotta, according to the VQT, stands out visually against the sky but also matches the brickwork found in Hastings' downtown buildings.

The VQT was led by architect Bradley Touchstone and consists of project staff, representatives from local, state and county government, as well as representatives from the local community. Hastings City Council Member Mike Slavik was among the VQT members.