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Hastings man loses $1,100 at grocery store; person who found it returns $900 of it, apologizes for taking $200

On Wednesday, Sept. 19, a Hastings man stopped at Wells Fargo bank to make a withdrawal. He received an envelope of cash totaling $1,100, and he was on his way. A short while later, the man somehow lost the envelope. He called the store and retraced his steps, but he couldn't track down the envelope. He simply figured his cash was gone.

Three days later, though, a friend prompted him to call the Hastings Police Department to make a report. The man told police he just figured the cash was gone, so he didn't see any reason to report the lost envelope, but his friend convinced him otherwise.

He called police, who took the report Sept. 22. The investigator called Cub Foods, which reported they hadn't found anything like that in the parking lot.

In the mail on Wednesday, Sept. 26, though, Hastings police got a big surprise.

The department received an anonymous letter in the mail from the person who found the envelope. The person returned $900 of the $1,100 and in the letter the person wrote that they "really needed" the $200 and that they were sorry they had to take some of the money.

Hastings officers are attempting to get in touch with the man who lost the cash so that he can come and recover it.