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Felony drunk driving is charged

A 30-year-old Hastings man, Jonathan Davis Grasl, faces two felony counts of first degree driving while impaired following an Aug. 18 traffic incident at Highway 61 and County Road 47 in Hastings.

Grasl also faces charges of driving after cancelation and leaving the scene of a property damage accident.

According to the criminal complaint, a Minnesota State Patrol trooper was dispatched to investigate a crash at that location. When the trooper arrived, he learned that the Grasl vehicle had apparently took the corner too fast, jumped the median and struck another vehicle. Several witnesses to the crash followed the Grasl vehicle to a residence in Hastings. Officers responded to the residence and located the vehicle involved in the crash. They spoke with the homeowner, identified as Grasl. He denied any knowledge of the crash. During the conversation, officers detected a strong odor of alcohol coming from Grasl, observed that his eyes were glassy, he was unsteady on his feet and that his speech was slurred. He refused to perform any field sobriety tests.

After being taken into custody, Grasl gave another statement to officers. He said he had loaned his vehicle to a man named "Brock" who he had met at a bar. Grasl denied he had been driving.

A review of Grasl's driving records indicated he has three prior qualified impaired driving convictions in the past10 years.