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Apparent shoplifting leads to charges

A 23-year-old Hampton woman, Kelsey Elaine Fuller, faces charges of a controlled substance crime in the fifth degree (possession) and theft following a Sept. 10 incident at a Burnsville business.

According to the criminal complaint, a loss prevention officer observed Fuller discarding price tags from jackets while leaving the items in the shopping cart. Fuller went to several departments and continued to do the same thing. She then met up with another individual and then went through the check-out lane in the business. However, they only removed some of the items from the cart, paying for them. Others were not paid for and the two left the business. They were met outside by the loss prevention officer and Burnsville Police.

Fuller was placed under arrest. In her bag, the officer found a prescription bottle in another person's name. The bottle contained hydrocodone and acetaminophen.