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Charges after alleged stalking, sexual assault

Hastings Police have charged a 34-year-old Hastings man, Misael Quirndongo with criminal sexual conduct in the third degree, assault in the second degree, terroristic threats, stalking and criminal damage to property after a series of incidents of alleged stalking and a sexual assault on a Hastings woman.

According to the criminal complaint, police were contacted Sept. 3 regarding a suspicious vehicle at a residence on the west side of Hastings. When they arrived, they met with a woman who said that Quirndongo was outside and she was afraid of him. She had recently broken up with him. She said he had become physical with her.

Outside the residence, Quirndongo told police the two had argued, but it did not become physical. Police told him to leave the woman alone. He then left.

When police were talking to the woman, she received a call from Quirndongo. Officers spoke to him again and told him not to contact her.

The following evening, police were dispatched to a restaurant in Hastings where there was a report of a man brandishing a pistol and then running away on foot. The woman and a male friend reported that Quirndongo had driven up, then approached their vehicle with the handgun. She said he threatened to kill her friends and then fled on foot. A tire was punctured on her vehicle.

In a follow-up statement with police, the female said she and Quirndongo had broken up about three months ago and she recently returned to Minnesota. She had gone to his residence two days before because he owned her money. When she arrived there, she said Quirndongo tried to persuade her to enter his residence. When she refused, he grabbed her and pulled her into the house and sexually assaulted her. She was afraid to call police.

The male friend said he had received phone calls from Quirndongo in which Quirndongo apparently threatened him.

In a statement to police, Quirndongo said he damaged the vehicle, but denied having a gun or sexually assaulting the female. He said the call to the male was for business purposes only.