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Check stolen, forged to buy camera

A 24-year-old Hastings man, John Antonio Anderson, faces charges of check forgery and offering a forged check following a May 30 incident in Lakeville.

According to the criminal complaint, Anderson apparently stole a check from a checkbook of an acquaintance in Lakeville, then forged a signature to buy a camera at a Lakeville store. He then took the camera to a pawn shop and pawned it. He received $500 for the camera.

The Lakeville resident notified police and told them that Anderson had subsequently showed her a new camera he had purchased about the same time. A pawn search was completed and police learned that a camera matching the one Anderson had purchased had been pawned at a pawn shop in Burnsville.

In a telephone conversation with Lakeville Police, Anderson admitted stealing the check, buying the camera and then selling it at the pawn shop.